Manifesto 1.0

EUTOPIA’s basis, direction and objectives

EUTOPIA – from Greek: a beautiful, a lovely place.

EUTOPIA is a cultural project that wants to embrace diversity in a Europe undergoing transformation.

EUTOPIA wishes to be a breeding ground and an experiment for exploration that makes room for the new multicultural European popular culture. A culture, which is slowly and necessarily emerging.

EUTOPIA is a cultural umbrella, under which a variety of cultural activities is held. Events created by local players, by external artists and cultural professionals from Denmark and abroad. Based on popular culture and through new experimental forms, theatre, music, newcircus and dance will become a gathering point, a meeting place for locals, visitors and creative forces from every corner of the world.

EUTOPIA wants to help rethink popular culture. It wants to be a platform for meetings between people.
A mental AGORA for new multicultural experiments with human beings at the centre.

EUTOPIA wants to rethink the multicultural, multi-ethnic society with culture at its heart. Through real meetings, fellowship, co-productions. Through big and small cultural and artistic events that facilitate meetings with the unknown. Through human contact, discussion, communication.

“EUTOPIA is a dream about creating a beautiful place – for everybody”

Brigitte Christensen – Artistic Manager