The 7th of April 2016

The reopening of a closed theatre

On April 7 2016 19:30 o’clock the stage in Gellerup is reopened. It is a victory to reopen a closed theatre and we are very proud to have launched this process as EUTOPIA 2017.

After a month of workshop with the multi artist Hans Oldau Krull the foyer and the work of art that is created together with citizens from Aarhus is now finished. A new era for the fantastic stage, that has contained many artistic experiences. The name of the stage is now EUTOPIA Stage.

The reopening of the theatre will be a joyous meeting.

A reunion, a new friendship. A new sight into the future:

Vernissage of the foyer where the result of the workshop is revealed. Short speeches, showcase of the room and stories from the participants, Hans Krull, councilman Rabih Azad-Ahmad, a toast, a wish. The beginning of the journey to EUTOPIA 2017.

A play on the stage with amazing artists mostly from Aarhus. A collage of theatre, music and circus. Simple, touching, thought provoking. With a smile on the lips – a tear in the eye.

Do you want to know more about the event?

“EUTOPIA is a dream about creating a

beautiful place – for everybody”

Brigitte Christensen – Artistic manager