EUTOPIA – from Greek: A beautiful, a lovely place

A dream, a driving vision

EUTOPIA is a dream of creating a space for innovation and experimentation within the crossroads of theatre, music, dance, contemporary circus. Exploring the possibilities of communication through the live performance. Based on popular culture and through new experimental forms.

EUTOPIA has a vision of creating artistic meetings through our theatre and music works, with local communities and creative forces from every corner of the world. Wherever we are. Our goal is to inspire and unite, to open minds and hearts, and to foster understanding across differences. Through the power of art that facilitate encounters with the unknown. Through exchange, human contact.
A mental AGORA for new multicultural, artistic experiments with human beings at the center.

We aim to motivate people to actively participate in their community, cultural life, and society. Through our Community Play projects, involving non-professionals, we engage neighborhoods, residential areas, and other spaces as vibrant stages for artistic expression and cultural exchange.

We believe in art and culture as an absolute necessity for the creation of independent, thinking people. We believe that art and culture are for everyone. The key to fellowship, understanding and peace. We want to rethink how to participate in culture, as culture might turn out to be our salvation.

In the creation of our artistic works, we continue to pushing boundaries, fostering an inclusive and diverse community, contributing to shaping a better future through artistic exploration and citizen-involved activities.
A journey towards creative renewal in the art and cultural life.
A new, fresh wind of change.

A word about the beginning…
EUTOPIA was born in the light of Aarhus 2017 European Capital of Culture. It started in 2016, in Gellerup, Aarhus, one of Northern Europe’s largest ghetto areas, taking over and re-opening, the closed down theatre venue. Following the intentions and ideas of the concept at the basis of the project, our visions became reality.
EUTOPIA STAGE opened its doors giving new life to a place and an area for more than two years.
Full houses, people from all walks of life, ages and ethnic background. A unique audience coming from the local area and from far and wide – EUTOPIA STAGE became the epicentre of magical meetings, as the press wrote, beautiful and inspiring.

Afterwards EUTOPIA has moved towards new projects, carrying forward its fundamental visions, ideas, and dreams through its own theatre and music productions, local partnerships and international collaborations.

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The people behind

Brigitte Christensen – Artistic manager, Stage director


Nikola Diklic – Composer, Creative director


Stine Ebbesen – Dramaturgical collaborator

Laura Salvinelli – Photographer

EUTOPIA’s art companions and sources of inspiration:

“EUTOPIA is a dream about creating a beautiful place – for everybody”

Brigitte Christensen – Artistic Manager