Aarhus European Capital of Culture 2017

Theatre, music, contemporary circus, dance, debate from all over the world

EUTOPIA INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL is a multicultural festival about meeting. The meeting with the art, the meeting with each other, the meeting with other cultures, the meeting with the known, the meeting with the unknown, and most of all the meeting with one self through eye-opening experiences.
And what place is more obvious to meet than Gellerup where more than 80 nationalities lives side by side.

In five days Gellerup will be the frame for a festival square – “Eutopolis”, with tents, stages and small oasis, where everybody can experience, sense and meet.
The festival offers no less than ten Danish premieres and theater plays, musical works and dance performances from 23 countries.

In the daytime it will be possible to come “backstage” when several artists and debaters meet each other in conversations about themselves, their art and life in our new multicultural world. There will be performances outside in tents, at EUTOPIA Stage and in private homes in Gellerup. In the night premieres on big international plays, and after dark it is time to contemplation, reflection and a little smile.


The debates of Sunday was all about art, soul and spirit. An intimate conversation with Yoshi Oida gave food for thought, which really characterized this last day. On the festival site the audience was invited on an entertaining picnic full of tricks and magic by Andrea Farnetani. In the evening the festival was closed in the most beautiful way by Compagnia Finzi Pasca, who amazed the audience with their incredible visual expression, talent and skills. A story who forces into the depth of human. The performance ended with standing ovation. The festival was over and Gellerup became Gellerup again – maybe a little changed. Photos: Laura Salvinelli.


Saturday afternoon contained rewarding conversations and debates in the debate tent and unbelievable nerve wrecking contemporary circus at the festival site by Circo El Grito. In the evening Eutopia Stage had the honour to host the Japanese actor and theatre legend, Yoshi Oida, and his likewise legendary performance ”Interrogations: Words of the Zen Masters”. Big, puzzling questions about life and ways of living served with a lightness, humor, and beautiful tones filled the theatre and the audience. Later, hundreds of festival guests carried torches through the streets of Gellerup as the beginning of a concert night for hope. First, the Japanese taiko drummer, Ichitaro, filled the festival site with his powerful rhythms, where after the Danish/Turkish band AySay with Luna Ersahin took over with their beautiful melodies. At last Tim Christensen gave a solo concert and united the whole audience in community singing with his famous songs. The night ended in Gellerup Church where the legendary Kiev Camber Choir gave an unforgettable concert. Photos: Laura Salvinelli.


Friday the festival’s debate tent opened. It was initiated with conversations about multiculture and the meaning of the art. It was also Friday that there was premiere on the Home Theatre play “Hamlet Short” in one of Gellerup’s homes. An intimate performance about the big questions in life and thereafter time for conversation, communal eating and presence. A clown performance by La Industrial Teatrera for old and young at the festival site, and powerful dance on a Persian carpet by Maqamat Dance Theatre and MaHa in the evening. In the Evening Tent a collage of smile, music and poetry staged by Brigitte Christensen and Nikola Diklic with several excellent artists – both national and international. Theatre of Voices ended the day in the late night with a meditation concert in Gellerup Church. Photos: Laura Salvinelli.


A tribute to Mother Earth with three metres tall dolls, music and dance by Sun and Moon Ensemble started the second festival day. A magical performance by Company Markeline with distressing, shabby creatures that guided the audience around on the festival site, where piles of shoes told big stories about life, love and war. A firework of music, rhythms, unbelievable acrobatic, balancing act and joggling by the unrivalled poetic Circo El Grito. And a happy and laughing end on the day in the Evening Tent, where the local Circus Tværs with friends welcomed the audience to a very entertaining night. Photos: Laura Salvinelli.


A folk festival began and the sun peeped through the clouds after a long, rainy summer. Communal eating and time together at the Agora. A meeting between the two Capitals of Culture 2017 with beautiful tones from Pafos and energetic dance from Gellerup’s own Jafra-Dancers. Later in the evening the locals welcomed the festival guests with ethnic dance, fascinating acrobatic and touching stories from some of the citizens in Gellerup. Photos: Laura Salvinelli.

Århus Full Moon Event

26th – 30th July 2017

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“EUTOPIA is a dream about creating a beautiful place – for everybody”

Brigitte Christensen – Artistic Manager