Snowflakes and Cherry Flowers

Travelling through lands and deserts – Walking through memories – Fragments of lives – Shoulder by shoulder – Together – Standing up for dignity – For humanity

SOMALI MEMOIRS, a Community play, was created and first performed at EUTOPIA Stage in the winter of 2018. In this book you can read about the play and the participants, the process and the way it came to life. You will find excerpts from stories of a people who most of us come across in our everyday life, but few of us really get to know. A people met with prejudice. In every moment of their lives.
A people from a land with a proud and ancient culture.
People from Somalia.

Photo: Per Pedersen, Rasmus Bruun Jørgensen
© EUTOPIA 2017

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“EUTOPIA is a dream about creating a
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Brigitte Christensen – Artistic Director