Home Theater
Gellerup, Århus


Brigitte Christensen has developed the concept of Home Theatre over many years, bringing theatre of high level to places and people who are not usually part of traditional theatre audience. In the intimate atmosphere of a living room, in the court yard of a country house, in a garage, followed by a shared meal offered by the host family.

Families in Gellerup will be opening their doors to the public in this unique theatre event. Based on one of the absolute greatest theatre classics, Hamlet Short will be performed in a whole new miniature format.
The role of Hamlet is played by Thure Lindhardt and Chadi Abdul-Karim, in the capable hands of award-winning stage director Christoffer Berdal.

Enjoy a home-cooked meal after the performance with host family and your fellow audience members.
A moment to exchange feelings and impressions coming from common experience on the big existential themes of Shakespeare’s masterpiece.

Concept and idea: Brigitte Christensen
Stage director: Christoffer Berdal
Actors: Thure Lindhardt, Chadi Abdul-Karim
Text: William Shakespeare, Hamlet
Translation: Niels Brunse
Produced by: Eutopia

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Brigitte Christensen – Artistic Manager