02. 11-01. 12 2022
at Teatret Svalegangen

Pilot project – Workshop

You will experience to become part of a group that works together. We will laugh and cry, be amazed and learn new things – about ourselves, about life, about ageing and living even in the most challenging moments. About what we are. The unique story that is the lived life of each individual. We will discover the inherent dignity that every human being possesses simply by being human”.

LIFE ON LOAN is a close-up of the last time. A zoom in on the wrinkle that tells about laughing and crying. A tribute to silence, slowness, the inner life. The fragile. The perishable.
Socially oriented reality theater that through personal stories as a starting point for a strong visual and musical staging, seeks to create new perspectives on old age.

An intensive workshop with 22 citizens between 60 and 100 years of age is the first step in the development of a professional produced performance, LIFE ON LOAN, to be played at Teatret Svalegangen in the spring 2024.

Project leader & director: Brigitte Christensen
Dramaturg: Stine Ebbesen
Musical consultant: Nikola Diklic
Assistant: Line Linde Munter
Production: Teatret Svalegangen & Eutopia
Photo: Anders Teibel
The project is supported by: Aarhus Kommune – Kultur & Sundhed, Ældre Sagen Aarhus & FO Aarhus

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“EUTOPIA is a dream about creating a beautiful place

– for everyone”

Brigitte Christensen – Artistic leader