Community play: MØRKHED

The 4th & 5th june 2016, 17:30 at Eutopia Stage

A theatre play with women from Aarhus

21 women for the first time on stage. For the first time together. Eleven nationalities. All ages and backgrounds. All amateurs. ALL TOGETHER.
Without any previous experience they are swirled into the magic, creative and demanding process of the creation of a theatre play.

Somewhere in the world. In Europe. A group of women meets in an indefinite place. A limbo land. They are stranded. They are travelling. They are all on their way to somewhere.
On their way to love. To adventure. Away from loneliness. Escaping.
Escaping grief. Escaping poverty. Escaping violence. Escaping war.
They are all filled up by their destiny.
They are afraid. They are arrogant. They are happy. They are excited. They are desolate.
They are searching.
They are on their way.

Director, idea, concept:Brigitte Christensen
Scenographer:  Catia Hauberg
Composer:  Nikola Diklic
Light design:  Frederik Eberhardt
Director Assistant:  Cille Melgaard
Photo:  Laura Salvinelli
Music by Nikola Diklic, Erik Satie, Nino Rota.

On stage:
Nadia Helmy Ahmed, Samah Al-Jaal, Aysha Amin, Maria Arianfar, Ilda Bahovic, Vibeke Barter, Galina Kakhoun, Cecilie Kampmann, Monica Lærkegård, Larisa Martinova, Gitte Mik, Sigrid Mortensen, Line Linde Munter, Luna Clara Linde, Julya Raimensborg, Ingrid Ruby, Marina Abdul Satar, Cecilie Siljeholt, Pernille Schmidt, Helle Vinther, Birgitte Wagener.



VAGABONDMØRKHED musical theme – author Nikola Diklic

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Brigitte Christensen – Artistic Manager