Community Play: SOMALI MEMOIRS

20. – 21. February 2018, 19:00
at EUTOPIA Stage

SOMALI MEMOIRS – Snowflakes and Cherry Flowers

Poetry and real stories go hand in hand, as ordinary people of Somali origin, for the first time on stage, share their memoirs. About the war, the fleeing, the fear, the loss. About sensations and smells. About the travel they had to make. About the blue ocean. About the dreams they carry with them. About snowflakes and cherry flowers.

“For me Somalia is palms, beaches and sun”
“For me Somalia is the land of poetry, memories, tales”
“For me Somalia is my sorrow, my loss, my pain”
“For me Somalia is the smell of cardamom tea with cinnamon and leaven pancakes”
“For me Somalia is war. For me Somalia is the joy and laughter of the people”

Stories from a people who most of us come across in our everyday life, but few of us really get to know. A people met with prejudice. In every moment of their lives. A people from a land with a proud and ancient culture.
People from Somalia.

On stage:
Hanaan Yusuf
Sakarie Ibrahim
Fatima Yusuf Abdi
Said Mohamed
Saleban Aideed
Ilham Mohamed Ali
Kadra M. Ali

Director, idea, concept: Brigitte Christensen
Scenography: Catia Hauberg
Voices and soundscapes: Nikola Diklic
Light design: Pappagallo
Director assistant: Stine Nielsen, Sofie Jørgensen
Photo: Per Pedersen, Rasmus Bruun Jørgensen
Organisation: Najma A. Mohamoud, Søren Højgaard , Mathilde Späth
Produced by: Eutopia 2017 & Gobaad Kulturforening

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“EUTOPIA is a dream about creating a beautiful place
– for everyone”

Brigitte Christensen – Artistic leader