Nikola DiklicMusical project leader

NIKOLA DIKLIC – Composer, musician, singer. Musical project leader of EUTOPIA.

Nikola is working as composer for theatre, dance theatre, film and at the same time he is making his own musical projects.
He has formed several international bands, performing his own music inspired by diverse musical traditions. He held concerts in various European countries, touring from the big concert halls to the more intimate theater venues and participating in many international festivals and TV shows.
Has created a unique personal stile in continuous research and development of the multi-ethnic aspect of his music. His musical universe spans different genres, embraces elements of classical, jazz, rock, electronic as well as traditional music.
He has written and staged a large number of big concert events, unique works, where classical orchestra, vocal groups, actors and dancers, alongside the band, are involved in the creation of an authentic musical tale.

Nikola is also author of various music scores for theatre, dance theatre and film, performing often live where his distinctive use of the voice, alongside guitar comes to expression. In the creation of a theatre performance he works on all aspects and relationships between rhythm, text, movement and sound. On the musicality of the artistic work.
He developed his own way of working with non professionals in the creation of Community plays – citizens theatre.
Some notable theatre works includes “I Swear” – Odense International Music Theater, “Nu med hentehaar” – Zirkus Nemo, “Spara La Pioggia” a contemporary dance theatre show – Sosta Palmizi, “The Wild Swans” – H.C Andersen 200th Anniversary and Community plays – “Moerkhed”, “Somali Memoirs”, “Lyden af os”.

Based in Copenhagen and Rome.