November the 21st 2016, 18:30 at EUTOPIA Stage

An evening in company with Abdel Aziz Mahmoud

On the 21st of November at 18:30 will EUTOPIA Stage invite you to an evening with journalist, TV host and author Abdel Aziz Mahmoud.


For all his life, Abdel Aziz Mahmoud has known that he would be in the limelight and tell interesting and relevant stories for a living. Already when he studied on The Danish School of Media and Journalism, he got a job as a TV host. And when he graduated as the youngest in his year, a job as a host on the news waited for him.

In his 10 years on DR (The Danish Radio) Abdel Aziz Mahmoud was the journalist, TV host and editor without personal meanings. In the TV news, on P3 and in Aftenshowet (The Night Show) his task was to ask neutral questions to the guests without ever telling about his own personal experiences.

But he breaks with that now. Since he became development editor for Nordisk Film TV (Nordic Movies TV) in 2014, he has been involved with the integration debate by using himself as an example in various debate programs, articles and on the social medias, where he is very popular especially on Twitter. Abdel Aziz Mahmoud has got a mission: He will make understanding and knowledge about Danes with Arabian and Islamic background. In his very popular talk, he tells about his own successful integration and comes with positive examples that can build bridges.

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