Community Play: THE SOUND OF US

10.-22. november 2018
at HamletScenen


11 youngsters with raw honesty share their own stories.

THE SOUND OF US is a journey through wondrous existential landscapes: Who am I? What should I do? And where am I headed? A group of young people take the stage. Powerful and fragile. They look directly at the audience, challenging, pleading, demanding: “Listen to us.” The vitality and untamed energy surge like a storm.

THE SOUND OF US gives voice to the young and their views on adults, the world, and life. They speak uncensored from their innermost selves, about their hidden emotions and the world that will be theirs tomorrow.

The performance consists of a series of staged tableaux, lonely islands in a turbulent sea, where poetry, dreams, and reality are intensified through powerful physical and visual expressions, all in a choreographed and musical way. A whirlpool of thoughts and memories mixed with reflections on an uncertain future with daunting demands of adulthood.

Director and concept: Brigitte Christensen
Scenography and costume design: Catia Hauberg
Music by: Nikola Diklic
Shakespeare consultant: Nila Parly
Light design: Henrik Bank
Director assistant: Stine Ebbesen
Producent: HamletScenen

On Stage
Ronja Clemens Tillebeck, Rebecca Møller Calberg, Merle H. E. Lorenzen, Lotus Katrine Thorius, Fenja R. Seebach Jensen, Sarah Juul Madsen, Vitus Clemens Tillebeck, Iben Steensen, Thea Nyborg Thomsen, Vilas Solgerd-Cornelsen, Sofus Bowall Sevel

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Brigitte Christensen – Artistic Manager