October the 20th 2016, 19:00
at EUTOPIA Stage


On October the 20th 2016 at 19:00 EUTOPIA Stage is welcoming you to an evening in the sign of hope. The event begins with the play WHAT ARE THEY DOING HERE? by C:NTACT. After the play a conversation about hope will follow between the award-winning writer Carsten Jensen and creative director and debater Christian Have.


WHAT ARE THEY DOING HERE? is a new play by C:NTACT, that presents strong personal stories from newly arrived refugees from Syria, Eritrea, Afghan and Ethiopia.

Who are these people who we have seen in the overloaded rubber boats on their way over the Mediterranean Sea, and like human caravans on their way up the European highways? Why did they escape? What are they thinking about? What are they doing here?

Witness among others Ammar, the top scorer in Hundested Soccer club, tell about how the war in Syria made him escape. Or hear why Esayas from Eritrea leaved his pregnant wife, travelled 27 days in Sahara and then in an overloaded speedboat over the Mediterranean Sea and ended up in a language school in Gentofte.

Manuscript and director

Kasper Sejersen, Mia Lipschitz, Babak Vakili, Runi Lewerissa and the participating refugees


After the play, there will be an intimate conversation between creative director and debater Christian Have and the award-winning writer Carsten Jensen. The conversation will be about those problems, dilemmas and questions that the play have caused: about leaving war and violence, about being a stranger and come to a new country, and about all that is going on in our minds.

Carsten Jensen have won a dismountable book awards, and in 2007 he won P2’s novel award for his book “We, the drowned”. In 2010 he won the Olof Palme-award, because he “in words and action has fought for the weak and vulnerable in his own country and around the world”.

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Brigitte Christensen – Artistic director