Workshop with Hans Krull

The 22 of February 2016

Renewal of The Gellerup Stage’s foyer

From February 1 2016, EUTOPIA has taken over the theatre in Gellerup. We are very happy about that. To reopen a closed theatre is a small victory. Therefore, we want to make the building a nice place to be for everybody. Artists, users, visitors.

Therefore, we start up with a workshop project, which purpose is to renew and beautify the foyer. To create a room that first of all is welcoming to all projects in a new way, and is a room in itself for smaller plays, reading and concerts among others.

We want the restoration of the foyer to be an artistic and social project in itself. A way to be together, to participate, to put a personal “fingerprint” in the new room, which hopefully will be a place for gathering for many people, both in the local area and from every other place in the world.

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Practical information

Everybody can participate. It does not demand special skills. The only thing we need is gumption and the desire to be a part of a project, where people meet and work together on a concrete purpose: to create a beautiful room that will become a venue for new ideas and thoughts in the future.

The workshop begins February 22 2016 at the stage in Gellerup. It will be a unique chance to work together with a big artist and with a lot of people who has the desire to create something new and exciting!

Meeting spot:



kl. 17:00

“EUTOPIA is a dream about creating a

beautiful place – for everybody”

Brigitte Christensen – Artistic Manager